Webflow Git: How to do Webflow Version Control?

Unfortunately, Webflow does not currently have a version control system to determine which files are updated on your website and when.

But with hostingwf.com, you can export your webflow website to github and see all the updates for free.

You know that webflow only has a backup feature that allows you to get the whole site back. However, in this case, you cannot understand which files are affected and their contents. To resolve this situation, we developed hostingwf.com. You can export your website to github for free and host the code on github via jamstack such as netlify, vercel.

How to Create a Webflow Git and Version Control

1) First you need to sign up hostingwf.com for free!

signup hostingwf for free

2) Connect Your Github and Create a Project for Your Webflow Website

You need to connect Github account with Hostingwf. After that you need to create your a project for your webflow website. Hostingwf will automatically create your Github repository.

create a project for your webflow website on hostingwf

3) Integrate Website Changes with Hostingwf

To understand your website changed, you need to create an integration on your webflow project.

From the Webflow 's Project Settings panel, click the integration tab and add a new integration with the hostingwf's webhook URL.

hostingwf webflow integration connection

Put the provided webhook url to webflow's integration and choose when the site publish.

site publish webhook for hostingwf

Thats all! Magic happended.

After you publish your webflow website, hostingwf automatically transfer your source codes to Github!

github code and repo exported by hostingwf

When you change some page, after hostingwf, you can see which file and code changed on your Github repo.

With the codes you have transferred, you can now host your website on the server you want. Hostingwf gives you freedom in your choice of webflow hosting. You can host your site for free on Netlify or vercel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webflow Git?

Webflow gits a method that allows you to export your website to git. Webflow typically only gives the code of your static pages; you cannot transfer it to GitHub because it does not give the code of your cms items. Hostingwf allows the export webflow website and cms with your items.

What is webflow version control?

Webflow version control allows you to view your website version history, which you can't do directly through webflow. Webflow can only take the entire site to the previous publication date as a backup. You can do webflow version control simply by moving your webflow website to Github. This way, you can see which file and which code has changed.

Is Webflow to Github free?

Uploading your webflow website to github with hostingwf is completely free and will remain free. You only pay for the extra speed and seo optimizations you will transfer to Github.

Can we also export CMS items to Github?

As you know, when exporting webflow source code, it only gives the code of static pages. CMS items cannot be exported via webflow. Thanks to the technology it has developed, hostingwf transfers its entire website with cms items.

Is hostingwf compliant with webflow TOS?

All the codes of the website you produce with Webflow belong to you. Hostingwf has developed the technology that exports the site to GitHub by accessing and crawling the public codes with the technology it uses. hostingwf is a tool that complies with webflow's policies.

It webflow git gdpr compliant?

Webflow hosts your files on US servers in its own hosting service, which is not GDPR compliant. With Hostingwf, you can host your files on any server by uploading your site source files to github. That's why hostingwf offers you a fully compatible solution in terms of gdpr.

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