How to Export Your Webflow Website Code with CMS Items?

You know, you can download your webflow site as static and host it wherever you want. But as you can see in the screenshot below, if your website has dynamic content, that is, cms content, webflow does not allow you to export it.

export webflow

In this case, there is normally nothing you can do because webflow does not allow you to purchase hosting solution.
With, you can export code including your cms content to your github profile!

In this way, you can host your website on any platform you want on github. Moreover, hostingwf follows all kinds of cms and website updates you will make and keeps your github project up-to-date.

Step 1) Signup

Click here to signup hostingwf platform.

Step 2) Create a New Project

You need to create a new project. It is free with a badge. You can remove it $6/month.

Step 3) Connect the webhook for future updates

In order the understand changes on website, click the project settings then add new integration. You need the put webhook url given to you on

After that we can monitor the changes then push the changes to github.

Step 4) Your websites's source code ready on your github

Your website's source code ready on your github private repo. You can connect with netlify or vercel to host it free with high performance.

What are the benefits of exporting a Webflow website with CMS items?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to export your website code and use it somewhere else.

If you're building a site for a client, it's usually best to build the site in Webflow so that they can make changes themselves (in most cases). However, sometimes clients will ask for their own hosting or CMS system for their website. In this case, exporting your Webflow website code with CMS items allows you to easily transfer those assets over to another host.

You may also want to use your existing Webflow content on another domain or CMS platform—perhaps you've started building an e-commerce site and want to move from WordPress into Shopify, Squarespace or BigCommerce later on? Or perhaps there's a new blog theme available on a different platform than WordPress? Exporting your code with CMS items gives you the flexibility of moving between platforms without having to start over again from scratch!

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